Brewery Rodenbach exceeds 100 awards and recognitions: “Probably the most awarded beer in the world”

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Brewery Rodenbach has reached a new milestone. Since its inception in 1821, the Roeselare brewer's beers have been awarded more than a hundred times at an international beer competition. “Winning is addictive”, admits brewmaster Rudi Ghequire. “But above all, it is important for our team and shows that Rodenbach is and will remain a reference.”

World 's Best Dark Vintage, Gold Award - Rodenbach Vintage 2011, World Best Sour Beer, Certificate of Excellence 2018, ... Rodenbach Brewery regularly wins prizes at internationally renowned beer competitions. The six medals the brewery recently won at the Australian International Beer Awards - gold for the Caractère Rouge and the Grand Cru, silver for the Vintage 2015 and the classic, bronze for the Grand Cru and the Caractère Rouge were named Major Trophy Winner 2019 Best Fruit Beer - set a new milestone. The Roeselare brewer has already obtained more than a hundred international prizes and recognitions - 101 to be precise - with its beers. “From now on we can talk about 'probably the most awarded beer in the world' (probably the most awarded beer in the world, ed.)”, Says brewer Rudi Ghequire. “We are certainly still awake from those matches. Ask Merckx whether, for any athlete, winning is and remains important. To begin with, winning increases the enthusiasm of our team, winning makes everyone run faster. But it also shows that Rodenbach is and will remain a reference. But winning doesn't always work. At such a moment we make the comparison ourselves, we ask ourselves questions and yes, sometimes it even makes us uncomfortable. ”

Wall of Fame

The Rodenbach brewery was first awarded in 1894, when they received Le Diplôme de Medaille D'Or at the World Exhibition in Antwerp. Only since the 90s can the brewery call itself a real prize beast, with 2017 as a farm year, with seventeen recognitions. “There used to be hardly any competitions. Since the emergence of craft beers in the United States, Americans suddenly want to compete with European brewers, ”Rudi says. “We deliberately choose not the least competitions and we also participate in competitions all over the world, from America to Australia. Just think of the World Beer Cup, the World Beer Awards, the European Beer Star, ... Since I went to the World Beer Cup in Seattle in 2006 at the invitation of beer connoisseur Michael Jackson, the gate has disappeared. We then won two gold medals there. Then I got bitten by the competitions and started keeping track of everything, but also sorting through the past. Recently we even have a 'Wall of Fame' with all our awards. ”


Historically, Rudi attaches the greatest importance to the Le Diplôme de Medaille D'Or at the 1900 World's Fair in Paris. “But the recent prices are also important. They show that our historical recipe is still relevant. Not only has the range of beers grown enormously over the years, brewing has also evolved enormously. But tradition prevails and Rodenbach is still there. Although this does not mean that we should not continue to innovate. ”

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