The Brussels Beer Challenge wins the Palm & Rodenbach Brewery with 5 Awards

Placed by Pamela De Groote op

Medals Won:
2 x Gold: Rodenbach Grand Cru & Palm Session IPA
1 x Silver: Rodenbach Vintage
1 x Bronze: Steenbrugge Brown
1 x Certificate of Excellence: Rodenbach Alexander

 The brewers of Brouwerij Palm en Rodenbach received 2 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze medal and a Certificate of Excellence from the organizers of the Brussels Beer Challenge. 

Sven Stuer, General Manager: “ Brewing well-balanced quality beers is the daily main priority of our brewmasters at our Belgian breweries Rodenbach, Palm & De Hoorn, they succeed over decades in refining the brewing and maturing processes and also innovating from their know-how. It is fantastic that our beers are again appreciated by the international jury. " 
The acclaimed beers of the Rodenbach Brewery:
Gold for Rodenbach Grand Cru
Rodenbach Grand Cru is an exceptional Flemish Red Brown beer of 6% vol / alc that owes its fresh sour taste and complex fruitiness to its 18 months maturation in oak casks.
Silver for Rodenbach vintage
Rodenbach Vintage is a unique unadulterated Flemish Red Brown beer of 7% vol / alc that matures for 2 years in the best oak casks, selected by brewmaster Rudi Ghequire.
Certificate of Excellence for Rodenbach alexander
Rodenbach Alexander is a legendary cherry beer of 5.6% vol / alc brewed on the basis of Rodenbach Grand Cru. 
The acclaimed beers of the Palm Brewery:
Gold for Palm Session IPA
Palm Session IPA was launched in March 2019. This new fresh bitter beer of top fermentation combines a full flavor with an accessible alcohol percentage of only 3,5 percent. Session IPA is seen as one of the biggest trends of the moment in the specialty beer market.
Bronze for Steenbrugge Bruin
Steenbrugge Bruin is a top fermented brown abbey beer, 6,5% vol / alc full of flavor with notes of liquorice and cinnamon. The caramel malts are nicely balanced with the light spiciness.