CORNET Smoked: the newest member of De Hoorn Brewery

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Innovation and dynamism in the beer landscape

After the successful launch of - CORNET - in 2014, the brewers of Brouwerij De Hoorn are launching - CORNET Smoked - a unique blond Belgian beer that obtains a subtle 'smoked' character in smell and taste by adding smoked oak chips during brewing. More than ever, beer lovers are open to innovation and renewal. That is why the brewery, despite the fact that Covid-19 hits the brewery and catering sector right to the heart, is investing in this launch and wants to bring an extra experience to the catering industry.

More than a year of development

Innovation and experimentation are in the genes of the brewery team of Brouwerij De Hoorn. In 2014, experimenting with freshly toasted oak wood as a beer ingredient led to CORNET. This innovation in the category of 'strong blond beer' was a hit. CORNET is one of the most successful beer launches of recent years in Belgium and the Netherlands. In six years' time, CORNET has seen a sharp rise in on-trade and off-trade.

Based on our own insights and reactions from CORNET consumers, the idea grew to add an extra taste experience to their CORNET. Creating CORNET Smoked took over a year of development. The result is a strong blond Belgian beer (8,5% vol / alc) with a subtle 'smoked' touch.

Brewmaster Stijn Bundervoet: “It has all of the powerful yet smooth character of CORNET but the subtle smoky touch gives the flavor more depth. The complexity and extra aromas are obtained by adding smoked oak chips and a dose of peated malt during brewing. ”

Just like with CORNET, when brewing CORNET Smoked, the brewers strive for a beer that is nicely balanced, it is fruity, rich, round and warming, the extra ingredients in the brewing process ensure a special taste experience without losing the friendly soft aftertaste. . The beer comes in early October as a Limited Edition in 33 cl bottles. on the Belgian and Dutch market.

Thirst for an extra experience: CORNET Smoked serving ritual

Tom Robberechts, marketing manager CORNET: “With CORNET Smoked we go one step further than just the chalice glass with the iconic mask. The beer will be served with a 'serving ritual' in a selected number of pubs. Before pouring, the glass is filled with extra smoke of a 'smoke gun', which enhances the 'smoked' character and extra aromas are added, stimulating the sense of taste and smell and nevertheless this unique 'perfect serve' for an unprecedented extra experience in the world of beer . "

Viki Geunes (**): Beer & Food Pairing with CORNET Smoked

Two star chef Viki Geunes of Restaurant Zilte Antwerp sees the introduction of CORNET Smoked as an enrichment of the beer range. “The vanilla wood touch obtained by the use of extra toasted oak and the pleasant smoky aroma due to the peated malt subtly sign this refined strong blond beer, the brewers clearly master the art of keeping the balance.. "

In addition to tasting the beer, Geunes also sees numerous culinary combinations. “CORNET I see smoked as a nice companion for dishes. The beer is ideal in combination with roasted meat such as 'bbq pulled pork', a cuisine based on spices from the Middle East, the vegetarian aubergine dish baba ganoush and let us not forget that beer is the ideal accompaniment to cheeses, for example for a aged Gruyère the ideal partner. In Restaurant Zilte I serve CORNET Smoked with sunfish with frog legs, bbq leek and old Gruyère. "


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Availability Belgium:

Specialized drink centers and selected bars

Retail: Colruyt, Spar, Alvo, Okay, Collect & Go


Availability in the Netherlands:

Widely available in on-trade, with XNUMX selected perfect serve locations

Retail: Jan Linders and the selected liquor stores