Estaminet Refined Lager, the latest creation from the brewers of De Hoorn Brewery

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Estaminet Refined Lager, the latest creation from the brewers of De Hoorn Brewery


Estaminet was baptized in 2008. The brewery thus added a high-quality lager with a contemporary look to its portfolio. Since its launch, it has received several prestigious awards internationally and has consistently enjoyed high consumer scores. Nevertheless, the brewery team of Brouwerij De Hoorn challenged themselves to refine their existing Estaminet lager and take it to an even higher level. The focus of the brewers of De Hoorn is on specialty beer, based on this vision and specialism they set to work, Estaminet Refined Lager is the result. A lager with soft floral notes, a slightly spicy hop character and a unique fruity fermentation aroma, this sets it apart from other pilsner beers and can call itself the pilsner of the specialty beer brewer.




Refined recipe

Six years after the launch of Estaminet, De Hoorn Brewery was opened in 2014. This brewing installation enables brewers to innovate more quickly and to celebrate their creativity. Their entrepreneurship and freedom to create have already led to the successful launch of Cornet and several Arthur's Legacy Limited Editions.

Limited Edition N ° 19 'Arthur's Legacy' Stonehill Lager 'brewed in Spring 2020 is the basis of Estaminet's refinement. The specialty beer brewers challenged themselves to delve into the lager segment. Their objective was to take the existing Estaminet to an even higher level. So the ultimate test came with the brewing of 'Stonehill' a lager 'hors catégorie'. As the brewers focus on specialty beer, it was obvious to also approach 'lager' as 'specialty beer'. 

Only natural ingredients are selected in the brewhouse. To start with pure water from our own sources, 100% high-quality malt without the addition of raw grains and four noble European hop varieties.

Finally, a distinctive yeast - specifically selected by the brewery - is added to the brewing wort. The brewers are used to the fact that the production process for high fermentation beers takes time and care. Time is therefore one of the most important 'ingredients' of Estaminet Refined Lager. After brewing, the cellar masters give the beer time for a long fermentation and maturation.


Brewmaster, Stijn Bundervoet, describes Estaminet Refined Lager:

"In addition to using 100% full malt, pure water from our own sources, we selected a specific yeast and 4 noble European hop varieties. We allow our lager time to ferment and mature slowly, resulting in a beer with soft floral notes, a slightly spicy hop character and a unique fruity fermentation aroma, this is how Estaminet Refined Lager distinguishes itself from other lagers.. "


Expansion of distribution

Estaminet has grown from the catering industry. Catering entrepreneurs who wanted to distinguish themselves with Estaminet have meanwhile increased the number of catering businesses to 600 outlets where Estaminet is sold in bottles and or kegs. Beverage merchants are responsible for the delivery and also offer it in their beverage centers. What is new is that from now on Estaminet Refined Lager will also be sold in all sales points of Colruyt, Okay and Spar Colruyt Group.


New look & feel

Estaminet Refined Lager also immediately gets a contemporary look & feel and in addition to the bottle, the beer is now also offered in cans. Reviews from consumers complete the pure design of the can and bottle. A sleek black crate completes the whole.


Where does the name Estaminet come from?

In the 16th century, the Catholic Spanish army in the Low Countries went to war against the advancing Protestantism. The Spanish soldiers, led by Alva, looked forward to inns where it was pleasant to stay because of the tasty drinks, delicious meals and cozy atmosphere. The lively waitresses were an added attraction. That is why "Esta Minetta" - "there are girls" - was the code name for the better inns. Later the word estaminet, another word for a good café, would emerge from this.