New 'blend' and appearance for Rodenbach FruitAge

Placed by Pamela De Groote op

Rodenbach Fruitage was first launched in the US and also launched on the European market in April 2018. The brewing and cellar masters have further refined the 'blend' of Rodenbach FruitAge. This low alcoholic fruit beer is brewed with only 100% natural ingredients such as young beer, two-year oak-matured Rodenbach beer and red fruit juice. To increase drinkability, the Rodenbach FruitAge contains less 3,9% vol./alc ..

Rodenbach FruitAge 'Serving Ritual':

Simultaneously with the launch of the new recipe, Rodenbach FruitAge will also receive its own glass and 'Serving Ritual'. The aperitif glass on a high, red base is filled with ice cubes, the FruitAge is poured onto this and finished with a slice of lime and mint.

This refreshing fruit beer is a nice gateway to discover Rodenbach's more mature beers later on! With the new recipe and pouring ritual, Rodenbach is responding to the need for less alcohol and more experience. 

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