Together strong against Corona: rent for catering establishments will be waived!

Placed by Pamela De Groote op

The impact of the Coronavirus is enormous for our sector, but we know few or no sectors and people who have not been affected. Our appreciation goes in the first instance to the people in the healthcare sector who unconditionally give the best of themselves. Our breweries remain open to supply supermarkets and liquor centers and food stores.

As a family business, we feel it is our duty to support and show solidarity with our partners and relations! Palm NV itself rents out about 110 catering establishments. This catering park is owned by Diepensteyn NV. Palm NV rents these items and in turn rents them out to catering operators. On Monday 16/03, Diepensteyn NV and Palm NV agreed to take a number of positive measures for its contractors, so it was unanimously decided to forgive the tenants - who always paid their rent correctly - for one month's rent as support. This financial effort is borne 50% by Diepensteyn NV and 50% by Palm NV. 

Edit: due to the ongoing crisis, it has now also been decided to waive the second month's rent.