Cornet Smoked


CORNET SMOKED is a unique Belgian blond beer with a subtle ‘smoked’ flavour. It has all the robust yet mellow character of CORNET. But because of its extra smoky touch, the flavour gains a greater depth. Its mellowness smooths the sharp edges of every discussion and strengthens dialogue. That is why CORNET SMOKED is a specialty beer with an equally special mission: bringing people together.


The unique ‘smoked’ flavour is obtained by using peated malt and adding extra smoked oak shavings during the brewing process. A historic treatment that brings us back to the origins of brewing beer, when malt was dried naturally over a fire. This gave the beer a ‘smoked’ flavour in those days.

Thanks to the unique perfect serve with a real smoke experience, that 'smoked' taste is enhanced and extra aromas are added. This way all senses are stimulated even more. Drinking CORNET Smoked together becomes experiencing it together. Same goes for the bartender, who creates a warm atmosphere and a real home where people can really enjoy together, thanks to the unique perfect serve.

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