Trooper Promotion Terms and Conditions

'€ 10 for association when purchasing a (wooden) box CORNET '

  1. You can only participate in this promotion as described in these regulations. The regulations can be consulted at Palm NV throughout the duration of the promotion. Each participant is expected to know the contents of the regulations and to accept them without restriction. Participation in this promotion therefore implies full acceptance of these regulations.

  2. An association must register to participate in this promotion via Trooper. The association cannot sell containers without registration.

  3. An association sells (wooden) containers CORNET with the aim of earning commission on this.

  4. Two items will be made available during this promotion: on the one hand a plastic CORNET container including 24 bottles, at € 36,30 (incl. € 4,50 empty goods) and on the other hand a wooden CORNET container including 20 bottles, at € 38,90 (incl. € 2,00 empty). No rights can be derived from these prices.

  5. The promotion starts on 26/04/2021 and ends on 31/05/2021.

  6. If the association sells between 20-60 containers, it earns € 5 commission per container. As soon as the association sells more than 60 containers, it earns € 10 commission per container.

  7. As soon as an association sells more than 60 containers, the association receives extra incentives. From 60 trays, the association receives 1 CORNET glass per tray. These incentives are delivered to the association together with the (wooden) bins.

  8. As soon as an association sells more than 240 containers, the association receives 1 CORNET beer baking table and 1 CORNET stove as an incentive. As soon as an association sells more than 180 containers, it receives 1 CORNET stove. As soon as more than 120 containers are sold, the association will receive 1 CORNET beer baking table. These incentives are delivered to the association together with the (wooden) bins.

  9. A (wooden) container is ordered via, where the correct association is selected before the buyer completes the payment.

  10. A valid purchase is made by completing all mandatory fields completely and correctly. On the basis of this information, the (wooden) box is delivered to the correct buyer.

  11. Under no circumstances can the organizers be held responsible for the incorrect entry of the data by the participants, which would result in an incorrect, unknown address or any other problem.

  12. The organizer reserves the right to investigate all complaints and to independently resolve any dispute arising from this promotion, as well as any case not provided for in these regulations. These decisions are irrevocable. Not a single complaint will be handled by telephone. Any complaint regarding the competition must be sent to us digitally via the following email address:

  13. The promotion is organized by Palm NV, with registered office located at 1840 Steenhuffel (Belgium), Steenhuffeldorp 3.

  14. Palm NV reserves the right to disqualify and / or exclude any participant from participation if the participant concerned in any way violates these promotional terms and conditions (or if Palm NV suspects this), or if it is incomplete, incorrect or misleading. provides data, or provides information that is contrary to the law, or otherwise acts unlawfully towards Palm NV or third parties. In addition, the organizer reserves the right to take the necessary legal action against anyone who commits or attempts to commit fraud or abuse. The organizer cannot be held responsible to the participants for fraud or abuse.

  15. Palm NV cannot be held liable in any way if, in the event of force majeure or other events independent of its will or justified necessity, it is caused to cancel, shorten, extend, postpone or change the conditions. as it is not responsible for it. It reserves the option to extend the participation term. In particular, Palm NV declines any liability in the event that the server or the terminal would be inaccessible during the course of the promotion or if the addresses communicated by the participants were lost through no fault of its own. Palm NV declines any liability for incidents related to the use of the website, the connection to the Internet, the telephone line or other technical incidents that occur during or after the connection to the website of the organizing company. Palm NV is not responsible for incorrect, skipped, interrupted, deleted or erroneous registrations, for a delayed operation or transmission of the registrations and registrations of likes / shares, for communication failures in the registrations, for theft or destruction of the registrations, or for a unauthorized access to or modification of enrollments. Participation in the competition implies knowledge and acceptance of the characteristics and limitations of the Internet, in particular with regard to technical performance, the response times to consult, request or send information, the risk of interruptions and - more in the case of general - the risks inherent in any connection and transmission on the Internet, the absence of security of certain data against possible redirects and the risks of contamination by possible viruses on the network. Palm NV cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damage resulting from an interruption, a malfunction of any kind, a suspension or the discontinuation of the promotion, for whatever reason, nor can it be held liable for any direct or indirect damage resulting in any way from a connection to the website. Anyone who connects to the website does this entirely on their own responsibility.

  16. The collection of personal data of the participant by Palm NV is primarily intended to ensure the smooth running of the promotion, and in particular to offer Palm NV the opportunity to contact the participants. The participant explicitly gives Palm NV permission - if checked - to use the data that he provides during registration in accordance with the legal and regulatory provisions for promotional purposes regarding the brands of the webshop The participant has the right at all times to view and correct the data he has entered when registering, to delete it and can claim this right by sending an email to

  17. The data provided during registration is automatically processed and stored in a computer file. The registration of the participant takes place for an unlimited period until the moment of cancellation requested in accordance with the procedure in point 16. In the event that Palm NV wishes to use this information for purposes other than those described above, Palm NV undertakes to contact the participants before the to use personal data in order to inform the participants about changes in the regulations on the protection of personal information and to give the participant the opportunity to oppose this.

  18. By completing your order, you agree that this personal data will be shared with Trooper so that the commission can be paid to the appropriate association:
    - E-mail address
    - Number of bins
    - Name of association
    - First Name
    - Last name
    - Telephone number

  19. By completing your order you agree that this personal data will be shared with Trooper and the association in question, so that the association can contact the buyer (s) of the bin (s).
    - E-mail address
    - Number of bins
    - First Name
    - Last name
    - Telephone number

  20. Participation in this promotion implies unconditional acceptance of these regulations. Palm NV reserves the right to change the regulations unilaterally and without warning.

  21. Palm NV also reserves the right to proceed with the immediate discontinuation or abolition at any time, without having to motivate its decision, and without any compensation being charged to it. Palm NV can cancel one or more days if it appears that fraud has been committed, in whatever form, in particular electronically, in the context of the participation in the game or the determination of the winners. Any attempt at fraud will be punished with immediate exclusion of the participant. Palm NV reserves the right to prosecute any person who has committed or attempted to commit fraud. However, it cannot be held liable in any way towards the players for any fraud that may have been committed. In the event of difficulties in the application or interpretation of these regulations, the participants undertake to submit an application for amicable settlement / a complaint to the organizers before taking legal action against the latter.

  22. In the event of irregularities, such as errors that occur at the website builder or Palm NV itself, Palm NV decides autonomously about the way in which this error is corrected and handled. Printing, spelling and typesetting or other such errors cannot be invoked as grounds for compensation or any obligation whatsoever on the part of Palm NV. Unforeseen cases are handled by the organizers. Every statement is binding.
  1. Belgian law applies to these regulations.

  2. Drawn up in Steenhuffel on 23/04/2021