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Rodenbach Vintage 2018 75cl

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Rodenbach Vintage is a unique unadulterated Flemish Red Brown beer that ages for 2 years in oak casks. Only the best casks qualify, after which I subject the beer to a strict tasting selection. Rodenbach Vintage has a uniquely balanced sour taste and a long fresh fruity finish. Honored with several gold awards.

It is a great beer that is made to age in the bottle for at least two years after bottling to become its incredibly rich bouquet, but is also ready and delicious to drink when we release it! It tastes like a kind of "fifty shades of sour". 😉

The latest edition is a pA very iconic beer with great potential for bottle aging and a long finish. Ready to drink. Perfect to combine with duck liver, smoked eel, fatty foods and all types of cheese.

The Vintage 2018 is a fresh sour beer with a slightly Brett-like taste. You can taste green apple, sour cherry, wild honey, notes of pinot noir and light notes of balsamic. This edition is more 'beer-like' compared to the 2016 and 2017 Vintage. 

- Rudi Ghequire, Brewmaster.